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This is a great little pillow. It's the perfect size for my son and his crib. My son just turned two and we wanted to get him a pillow to start getting comfortable with sleeping with one. I found this one on Amazon and decided to give it a try. It is very, very soft and comfortable. The material feels like it's very high quality and durable as well. I like the fact that it's organic material and hypo-allergenic. It's also made in the USA which is nice to see as well. The price is fair and what I would expect for this type of pillow and material. Overall I would rate this as a great buy and a good value. 
<![CDATA[Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphone Wireless Sport Headset ]]>Sat, 26 Nov 2016 22:45:47 GMThttp://jdproreviews.com/blog/over-ear-bluetooth-headphone-wireless-sport-headset
​These headphones are great and are now my go to set. I love the flexibility that Bluetooth headphones offer. They are great for everything from working out to working in the yard or jamming in the office. As the amount of these available in the market is increasing, the prices are finally falling pretty quickly and thus they are becoming a lot more affordable. At the same time though you must watch out for quality and durability. After all, an inexpensive set can quickly become expensive if you’re constantly replacing them because they break or fail. So you need to look around and find a balance between quality and price and decide what’s right for you. 
This set of Bluetooth headphones is very nice and fit into the mid-range price point for the market. To start with, they come packaged very nicely and the package has a high-end look to it. This isn’t just a plain box and you can tell that some care went into the design of the packaging and graphics. It’s one of the nicer packaging jobs I’ve seen on these products. There is also a micro USB cable and a set of instructions. The instructions are definitely one of the nicest sets of printed instructions that I’ve seen with a set of these so far. They are very detailed, clear, and informative. They walk you through everything you can do with the headphones and some troubleshooting as well. They are well written and the illustrations are good too. It’s easy to see the they put a lot of care into the design and production of not just the headphones but they paid attention to the details on the instructions as well. 

Now onto the headphones. The headphones themselves sound great, are lightweight, and very comfortable. First up the sound quality is excellent. The bass is nice and deep while the high notes are crisp and clear. There must be some very nice components in these because I would rate the sound quality up there in with the top tier Bluetooth headsets. They are very enjoyable to listen too. They headphones are light and not any more noticeable while you’re wearing them than a traditional set of earbuds or over the ear headphones. They fit well and are snug in the ear without being uncomfortable. I haven’t had any issues with them falling out. This is helped by the attached ear hook. This is a soft silicone hook that wraps over the top of your ear. It’s very soft and very flexible so it doesn’t cause any discomfort while helping to keep the headphones in place. The headphones are very easy to work with. Pairing with my Moto G4 only took about 30 seconds from start until I was listening to music. The instructions make this process very simple. I like that all of the controls are located on the right side earpiece and there are no in-line controls. This makes them even more comfortable since you don’t have a bulky control dangling on your neck. The power button is on the side while the volume up and down are on top. The charging port is on the bottom of the right earpiece. While charging you can see a red light on the right earpiece which changes to blue once charged. Using the controls was very easy and they all worked well. Charging is pretty quick at about 1.5 hours and music playback time was good at around 6 hours total.

Overall, this is a great set of headphones that produce great sound, are built well, and are a good value.


<![CDATA[iJoy FS IPX7 Waterproof Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds]]>Sat, 26 Nov 2016 22:32:32 GMThttp://jdproreviews.com/blog/ijoy-fs-ipx7-waterproof-sports-wireless-bluetooth-earbuds
I’ll start by saying that these Bluetooth headphones are one of the most comfortable pairs that I have used to date. I’ve tested out and reviewed a few pairs of Bluetooth headphones now so I have a base to compare them against. I’ve got to say that Bluetooth headphones in general are definitely coming a long way in terms of comfort, features, and battery life. They are also advancing in quality and durability and these are no exception. My first impression when I opened these was that they looked like your standard, run of the mill headphones. However, that was not the case. As I started to use them I quickly found that these stand out from others that I’ve tested in a couple key areas.
​The very first thing I noticed was the build quality. These headphones are made very well and the quality of the material and workmanship is evident right away. I looked them over and could not find any cosmetic issues and everything seemed very sturdy. They used a very nice soft silicone for the earpieces and for the cord. The inline volume and play / pause buttons also feel very nice and the connections look really good. The earpieces themselves are not too bulky and really do not feel heavy at all while you’re wearing them. As I was looking them over I noticed that the charging port is in the volume controller and has a small flap covering it. The flap is very secure and feels like it would keep out moisture. These headphones claim an IPX7 water resistance rating so it’s very important for that flap to seal well.

Next up was the ease of use. With the introduction of Bluetooth V4.1, connecting devices got much, much easier. It only takes about 30 seconds or so to get these connected and paired with your device. Just hold the power button for a few seconds and the light on the volume control will flash. Then just make sure your device is in paring mode and you’ll get connected. It’s really a breeze. There’s even audible prompts that let you know that you’re connected. Now onto the comfort and wear-ability. As I opened with, this is one of the most comfortable pairs I have used to date. I think this has a lot to do with the quality I of the silicone, the overall design, and the amount of options that are included for customizing the fit for your specific ears. The headphones come with three different sized sets of earbuds and three sets of inner ear hooks of varying sizes. This is one area where these headphones really stand out. You can mix and match these different earpieces and components to find the most comfortable fit for your ears. 
Battery life on these is also outstanding. These headphones boast an impressive run time of up to eight hours of continuous use. That is really impressive for headphones like this. Others I’ve used have topped out at five to six hours. When I put these to the test, I can say that I got around seven and a half hours which is more than enough to be impressed with. They do say that the usage time will vary depending on the volume and audio content. I think that means music vs an audio book or a phone call. Still, 7.5 hours is impressive. The charging time from completely dead was about an hour and a half.

Finally, there’s the sound quality. I couldn’t be happier with them is this area. The sound quality is outstanding with very crisp, clear high notes and deep, resonating bass. I would put these up against some much more expensive headphones in terms of the sound quality. This is also another area where the build quality stands out. They must have used some very nice components in the ear pieces to reproduce such great sound. Also, the noise isolation is really impressive. While I was wearing these I felt completely immersed in my music and the outside world seemed to drift away.

Overall this is a really nice set of headphones that I have no trouble giving a five-star review. The build quality, sound quality, comfort level, and overall performance of the battery make these a standout in this category and a solid buy.
<![CDATA[iJoy Beach Bomb IP66 Waterproof Shockproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker ]]>Sat, 26 Nov 2016 22:14:01 GMThttp://jdproreviews.com/blog/ijoy-beach-bomb-ip66-waterproof-shockproof-portable-bluetooth-speaker
This is a rugged and waterproof Bluetooth speaker that can handle a ton of different conditions. If you’re a music lover like me then I’m sure you like to be able to take your music with you wherever you go. Whether it’s a backyard BBQ, the Beach, or just doing some work in the garage or yard, you want to be able to listen to your favorite music. These situations are where Bluetooth speakers come in so handy.
It used to be that if you wanted to take you music to listen to outside you needed a bulky portable stereo. Then came the speakers that would plug into you MP3 players auxiliary port but also had to be plugged into an outlet or needed a ton of batteries. The rechargeable auxiliary speakers came next but you were still tied to that AUX cord. Then along came Bluetooth. This wonderful wireless technology has made it possible for us to enjoy our music wirelessly from almost anywhere. And like all technology, Bluetooth is constantly improving and evolving. Along with that evolution come new uses and improvements to existing products. One of the big segments emerging right now are rugged and waterproof Bluetooth items. 
To start off, when I opened the box of this speaker I was almost immediately impressed. It just looks really good. Aesthetically I would say it’s as nice as the high end speakers out there. It really has an appearance that lets you know that it’s built well and can withstand the elements. It has rubber bumpers all around and the thing is built solid like a brick. When you pick it up you can definitely feel that it has a bit of weight to it. The outside looks rugged and tough. The thick black plastic and rubber bumpers project and image of toughness that lets you know it’ll be ok if you drop it. It also lets you see that it is built well. It has a good solid feel to it.

I took it out and plugged it in for its first charge. It got to a full charge in about two hours on a standard 2.5 amp wall charger. The charging port and the AUX port are located on the right side of the speaker under a really thick rubber flap that is designed to keep water out. You can lift up the flap fairly easily and it feels very firm and snug when you put the flap back down. I’m certain this will keep water out. After it was charged up I took it out for some testing and to try my best to put it through its paces. First I paired it with my Moto G4 which was extremely easy to do thanks to the Bluetooth V4.0 technology used in this speaker. The whole paring process only took a minute or two. Next up was a few drop tests. I dropped the speaker a few times from about 3 to 4 feet and from a couple of different angles. I performed each test while the speaker was playing music. I’m happy to report that it passed with only a few minor scratches and no damage that impacted the functionality, operability, or sound quality. From there I turned the hose on it and again it made it through and kept on playing. Then I went over to the pool. Hey I got this free to review so I have nothing to lose right? It either lives up to its claims or it doesn’t. I have not attachment to it. So I dropped it in the pool and was surprised to see it rise to the top and float. I left it for a few minutes before pulling it out. Again, it kept right on playing and didn’t miss a beat. The sound did get a little distorted because of water on the speaker but after shaking it out it was back to normal and there was no lasting distortion or impact. This thing lives up to it’s claims. Just make sure you keep that charging flap closed.

Now onto the actual audio quality and technical aspects. Personally, I found the audio quality of this speaker to be outstanding for a product in this price range and with the rugged features. The high notes are crisp and clear even at full volume. The mid-range sounds great as well and the bass is impressive for something this size. It’s not going to blow you away but it’s enough to you happy and feel the beat. They really must have used some quality components for the speakers. Next up, the battery seemed to last forever. I used the speaker over the course of about 4 days without needing to recharge it. I was able to get about 11 hours of use out of before the battery dies which is really impressive.

Overall I’m really impressed with this speaker. The speaker combines all the great features and sound you’d find in a high end speaker along with the added features of being both shockproof and waterproof. These added features really add to the flexibility of the speaker and add a lot of value. The Bluetooth range is impressive at about 31 feet and it’s easy to pair and operate. It also has a spot on the bottom where you can attach it to a screw on mount which is great for outdoor activities. This speaker is a solid buy. 
<![CDATA[Laser Christmas Lights Landscape Projector (Green and Blue) By Starry Laser lights]]>Sat, 19 Nov 2016 19:13:32 GMThttp://jdproreviews.com/blog/laser-christmas-lights-landscape-projector-green-and-blue-by-starry-laser-lights
Works and looks great. Covered the main part of my home nicely. I placed this 45 feet out as that was the length of my extension cord. I thought you could back it out to 60-70 feet but once you're about 25 feet out the spread doesn't get any bigger. The laser lights covered the main floor, as well as the second floor. The unit comes ready to go, you just have to attach the spike and plug it in. 
​You can turn the dial to adjust the angle of the light as well. I really like these laser lights, they look great and are so much easier than putting up Christmas lights all over the house--then taking them all down! This saves a lot of time while still lighting up the house. The savings on the electric bill is always welcome too--%99 less energy than normal string lights!